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Your Voice
for Our Future


Why I'm Running

I am Claire Carmelia, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Westminster City Council, providing the opportunity to give back to the place I have called home for the last ten years. 


In many ways, I was raised by my community; by social workers, foster parents, the courts, and many other public servants. There were many defining moments in my background that led to where I am now.  I was born to an unhoused family, went through the foster system, and was adopted to an ethnically mixed family. This journey taught me the importance of community support and the power of resilience. Now is the time to give back to the system that has supported me. 


As a Project Manager in the technology industry, I bring a wealth of experience in budgeting, resource management, and stakeholder engagement. My education in environmental studies has also given me a deep understanding of the complex issues facing our community, and the government's role in protecting residents' health and well-being.


I am committed to working hard for this community and ensuring all voices are heard. By listening, collaborating, and putting the community's needs first, we can create a positive legacy for generations. 


We need all hands on deck for this campaign, from volunteers to donations. Please consider a donation to my campaign. Your support means so much in my ability to serve Westminster.


There is work to be done. I hope you’ll join me.


Meet My Supporters

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